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The team at Peripheral Corner have been a busy lot lately. Not only have they introduced the Eten smartphones to the UK (click here for more), they have also just unveiled a hard disk based video player.

The not very originally named MPEG4 Portable Video Player actually looks remarkably like a gadget we saw at CES being touted by a Chinese company we’d never heard of.

However the player has a reasonably good line up of features including a 20 Gigabyte hard disk, real time recording and playback of MPEG 4 files (microsoft’s Portable Media Centers aren’t compatible with this format in spite of the fact that it is the most used compressed video system), a 3.5inch LCD screen and MP3 playback. There’s also a built in mîcrophone and the player can moonlight as a hard disk too.

We’ll leave a full judgement until we get to actually test the player, but in our book, whether it will be a success depends on looks (you can judge for yourself), battery life (no details yet) and price (which is £423).

It goes up against the 20Gig version of the Archos AV320, which retails for around £400.

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  • I found the company’s website.
    It looks like that the company is really into this type of MPEG4 products. They have many other similar products with differnt features and outlook. Hopefully, I can quickly find this unit in the computer shop.

  • Oddly enough, Portable Media Centers can support playback of MPEG4, but it’s up to the manufacturers themselves to decide whether they want to put it in there.

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