New Palm Zire


We could spend hours debating whether there’s a future for the low-end PDA. After all aren’t we all going to be using smartphones?

That said we kind of like the look of the latest £200-ish Zire 72 multimedia style PDA from PalmOne.

It looks cool – it is finished in a funky blue. It has a 1.2 mega pixel camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth and of course Palm One’s wonderfully easy to use 5.2.8 operating system. The 65k 320×320 pixel screen looks pretty good too and the processor (its is an Intel 312 Mhz ARM) seems pretty whizzy.

Not sure we’d swap it for a Treo or an XDA 2 though.

We’ll have a review for you next week. In the meantime here’s what Forbes had to say about it.

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