Coco Pods!

MP3 players

Here’s yet another rival for the Apple iPod. The CocoPod (wonder where they came up with that name) is around the same size and weight as its Apple rival, features a 20Gigabyte hard disk, has an on board FM radio and voice recorder and also comes with a SD/MMC card slot so you can store, but not see, digital images on the device.

It also has USB2.0 for fast transfer of tracks and you can record music on the fly from a CD player/hi-fi.

At £260 it is cheaper than the Apple iPod (£300) or its rival the Cowon iAudio M3 (£280). The Philips HDD120 can be picked up slightly cheaper though for around £250.

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  • I agree with Mr. Burns. Besides the CocoPod’s horrible styling, the designers of the CocoPod miss an important point regarding Apple’s iPod. When one listens to music on an iPod the sound quality is only limited by the quality of the source material and the encoding bitrate. Adding an FM tuner only provides the potential for poor sound due to unpredictable and undependable FM reception quality. For this reason I doubt whether Apple’s iPod will ever include an FM tuner. With the iPod you get consistently superb audio quality when loaded with superb source material.

  • You forgot to mention in the article that the CocoPod is butt ugly. Then again, I guess that is obvious from the accompanying picture!

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