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We’d show you the MP3 player, but the battery got in the way! Yes Samsung has announced it is to deliver the world’s smallest MP3 player, which it claims is only slightly larger than an AA battery.

The YP-T5 which was announced last week in Korea, is 5.4cm tall, weighs 24 grams and is available in three storage capacities, (128, 256 and 512MB).

It features Windows Media Audio (WMA) playback and the option of recording external sources, like a CD player, direct to MP3 on the player. It can also moonlight as a voice recorder.

In spite of its size Samsung has managed to cram a small LED screen into the player that offers traditional MP3 player style information such as track ID and file navigation. There’s no news yet on a UK launch.

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  • My friend is from hong kong and has that exact mp3 player. It is in fact NOT the smallest mp3 player available, the iriver n10 is, if the n10 is not smaller its the same dimensions, though in a much sleaker shape.
    Very cool.

  • 128MB MP3 Player USB Drive 128 MB Portable Audio Player

    World’s smallest and lightest MP3 player
    Portable USB Data Storage (Plug & Play)
    Built-in 128MB Flash Memory
    Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (by USB Power or DC Adaptor)
    Neckband Earphone
    LED (Red/Green Indicator)

    Mfr Part Number: EMPZ-128M-Blue
    Color: Blue
    Channels: Stereo (Left / Right)
    Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
    Earphone Out: 4mW(L) + 4mW(R)
    S/N Ratio: 90dB(with A-weighted filter)
    File Format: MPEG 1/2 Layer 3
    Battery Life: Max. 8 hours
    Memory: 128MB
    System O/S Compatibility: Win 98 / 2000(PRO) / XP / ME / NT / Mac OS 9.2
    Power: USB Power
    Internal Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    Dimension(mm): 42(W)x42(H)x10(D)
    Weight(g): 15g(included Li-ion battery)

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