Tosh's Intelligent Specs


On show at the Innovation corner of CeBIT are a range of interesting concept devices from Toshiba under the Digital Human banner.

Based on the company’s latest 0.85inch hard disk drive, the concept products include Intelligent Spectacles (pictured), MP3 player headset, digital wallet/data key and a wristwatch/PDA. Although none of the products on show are commercially available, Tosh believes that the concept designs will inspire designers of the next generation smart mobile devices (and also generate tons of publicity).

Here are the full details of what you can see on the the Tosh stand.

The concept products being premiered at CeBIT 2004 are:

  • Wristwatch PDA
    Designed with the highly digital, highly mobile worker in mind, the wristwatch PDA offers the full functionality of a high-end PDA with the ease and comfort of a modern digital watch. A widescreen display
    is provided for video playback and video-phone conferencing and advanced voice recognition software
    enables easy and simple data input on the move. When at home or in the office, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity will broadcast directly to the nearest wireless-enabled TV or smart display.

  • Digital Wallet/Data Key
    The data key is suited for the busy professional and hectic socialite and contains all the features you would expect from a high end mobile device. Biometric security features store and protect crucial healthcare and digital passport information and the device acts as a single security solution for your home, office or car. PDA functionality includes an electronic address book, mobile email and wireless connectivity. Personal finance features includes support for location based m-commerce and electronic purchasing via all major credit cards and retailers.

  • Intelligent Spectacles
    The intelligent spectacles take the benefits and flexibility of personal mobile computing to an new level. A wide range of connectivity standards ensures highly interactive web browsing and easy email access from any location and the advanced display capabilities for crystal-clear interface means that menu items and text could be simply selected just by focusing your eyes on the desired object on the screen

  • MP3 Player Headset
    With the capability to store an entire music collection on a device no smaller than a stereo headset, users can experience digital sound on the move in a design that is more natural and comfortable to wear, according to Toshiba. The player’s scroll wheel offers quick and easy menu access and track
    selection and the high speed Wi-Fi compatibility and Internet browsing means music can be transferred quick and easily without needing to connect to a network provider or PC.

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