Sony Ericsson goes mega pixel too

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Well you didn’t think that the Sharp GX30, which is released in about three weeks, would be the only mega pixel camera for long now did you?

Sony Ericsson confirmed rumours that it had a 1.3 mega pixel phone snapper in the pipeline yesterday with the unveiling of the S700.

It looks like a winner too in that it is a small candy bar style handset with a large 262k screen (the current industry standard is 56k). There are plenty of features including Bluetooth, an MP3 player (tunes are stored on a Memory Stick Duo Card) and both streaming and capture of video clips. It can also access Wap and websites.

The clever bit is that the screen spins round – a bit like the Motorola V80 – to reveal the number keypads.

The really bad news is that it won’t available until Q4 this year, by which time Sharp will have sold a shed load of GX30s and other manufacturers, namely LG and Motorola, will have delivered mega pixel cameras.

Sony Ericsson also took the wraps off some other handsets yesterday too. Groomed as the successor to the best-selling T610 (though ironically no where near as cute), the K700 has a VGA camera with flash, FM tuner, Bluetooth and video capture and playback. It is due in early summer.

Sony Ercisson also unveiled a host of phones for the US market – which incidentally are no way near as cool as the ones bound for Europe – and some accessories. Read about them here.

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  • i would like to know why i should make a new software when i want to change the memory card /?? and i want to know if the new software effect on the device ?

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