Seriously smart MP3 player

MP3 players

Another week, another iPod rival. Only this week’s entrant really can give the Apple player a run for money in the design stakes.

We first saw the Cowon iAudio M3 at the CES show in Las Vegas in January and was instantly smitten. Now it is coming to the UK via for £279.

It is super skinny and comes in a range of very cool metallic finishes. In a clever move Cowon has put all the player’s controls on the remote control, which obviously keeps the size down.

It also means you don’t ever have to get the M3 out of your pocket, which has got to a bonus in the light of recent police warnings to iPod owners.

The feature count looks good too with 20 Gigabytes of storage, and FM radio tuner and support for MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files.

It also allows direct recording from a CD player/hi-fi, comes with a fast USB 2.0 connector and can moonlight as a voice recorder.

We’ll have a full review of the player next week.

It is available for £279 from

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