Panny's pop up phone

Mobile phones

Clever stuff from Panasonic. It claims to have re-invented the form factor of the camera phone by offering a model sporting a pop up LCD screen just like they have on camcorders.

According to the company the screen makes the X300 much simpler to use than rival handsets. Due in the autumn the phone features a 65k colour screen, video play and record functions and a Wap 2.0 browser.

The only downside is that the resolution of the images it takes is VGA standard, only around half the quality of recently announced mega pixel phones from Sharp and Nokia.

At CeBIT Panasonic also unveiled a trio of ultra thin handsets, the A100, A101 and A102, which are due for a later summer launch. Also new is the first Secure Digital (SD) card with a storage capacity of one Gigabyte.

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