Nokia announces add-ons

Mobile phones

In addition to its funky 1 mega-pixel camera phone, the 7610, Nokia has also unveiled a load of phone accessories at CeBit. Chief among them is the PD-1 image album.

A 20Gb storage device it can be used for viewing images on the big screen. Pictures can be transferred either via a compatible phone using the Pop-Port interface or from a Multi-Media memory card. Click here for more info.

Very similar to the image album is the Image Viewer SU-5. However the main difference is that it doesn’t have a built in hard drive for storing your embarrassing photos. Click here for more info.

Nokia has also unveiled two new car accessories. Its latest Advanced Car Kit features all the standard hands-free stuff plus a fancy sounding Ignition Sense Detector for automatic hands-free activation. And the Headrest Handsfree mounts on the back of car seats for a less embarrassing and more comfortable set-up.

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