Nokia 7610 – the best smartphone yet?

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Could this be 2004’s hottest phone? After letting its rivals poach the limelight Nokia has hit back in style this week with the unveiling of the 7610 smartphone.

Due in early summer the 7610 has a number of Nokia’s firsts:

· It is the first Nokia handset to feature a mega pixel camera (like the Sharp GX30)
· It is the first Nokia handset to include an integrated HTML web browser. In this case the superb Opera browser which debuted on the Sony Ericsson P900.
· It is the first Nokia phone to capture a decent amount of video. It can shoot up to 10 minutes at a time. It also features some rather basic in-phone video editing software.
· The phone is the first to come with Nokia’s innovative Lifeblog software. When the phone is synced with a PC this automatically ports all recent images and text messages to software on the computer and organises them chronologically enabling users to create a personal diary.

Also on board MP3 and video playback, Bluetooth and POP3 email. The phone runs on the Series 60 Symbian based platform.

Reason to love the 7160

We think the 7610 is Nokia’s first smartphone bulls eye

It looks great – it is much more compact than the rather cumbersome Nokia 6600. The only other phone to cram so many cool features into such a compact handset is the Motorola MPx100 and that is still much larger than the 7610.

Adding the Opera web browser is a genius move. It is this the web browser for nay kind of mobile phones

The feature line up is spot-on. Loads of video, MP3 playback, and some fun software too. The mega pixel camera is also state of the art for the time being.

The Lifeblog software sounds intriguing. Imagine if you could tweak the software so that each time you sent a message or took a shot it automatically sent it to your weblog. That would be cool.

So a definite thumbs up for the 7610. A Nokia smartphone you’d consider buying – now that’s a first!

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  • Hi im prince Ali.G i have nokia 7610 its very nice fone but nokia should have some more luxiurys in it i think so a proper yahoo n msn messenger should in it n a walk man sistum in it thx u can email me [email protected] .

  • i needed to set the proxy server address and port to be same as the value found in my access point…
    opera working fine now…


  • i am not able to use the opera browser in my 7610. It opens the intial local page, but when i try to open a web page it doesn’t get thru…
    i am able to browse the pages using the default web browser…
    could you please help me out?

  • i have drive for connecting Data cable with Computer so in exchange of some softwares and games for my nokia 7610 i will mail that to U
    Anyone intersted?
    Mail me @: [email protected]

  • i got the problem that my 7610 cannot connect with my pc saying the service pack 1 i download isn’t working anyway,what’s the problem?

  • i need an article for my homework about an initiator so i choose to write on nokia as the biggest company can you please help me in this subject
    thanks in advice


  • ***** hey…..i got 7610…n i hv the same problem with data cable pc link. it needs at least SP1 on xp.most of us using pirated verson of XP operating system and this is the only reason,thats why SP! can not complete install.there is only 2 way. 1> u buy xp original cd (do you?) or hack a new XP cd-key. here is a healp ful link
    for further information mail me……byeeeee

  • Hello, first time posting here. I also have the same issue with the AMR files skipping every 10 seconds or so. Does anyone know if anything can be done about that? I know I’m not the only one (good to know that since that means my phone is probably not defective so I don’t have to return it). I would really like to fix that problem …

  • does any body have an idea wether 7610 has a composer facility ie., does it have a tone editor….
    you see i am planning to get one….
    your comments will be very helpful….

  • sound keeps skipping on ringtones and recorder sound is also awful is it poss to sort it???had to have desk phone as my ringtone which is annoying, help!! oh any good free websites for games and truetones wud be a help too

  • This is my first Nokia and my last (for a good while anyway). Yes, it looks good, yes the pictures it can take are decent.

    What I don’t like are the flaky software (some of the features randomly disappear). No snooze function on the clock, No setting the alarm to only go off on certain days, no auto change of profiles when there is something in your calendar, no alarms for to do items – all these need extra software at extra expense, the bluetooth refuses to work with my headset (a skypower which worked fine with my previous sony ericsson T68i) and I have trouble connecting it to my Tungsten t3 (may not be down to Nokia), in particular cannot synch it to my T3. Finally the most irritating point is that it is almost impossible to find anything among the massess of icons. I sent an MP3 to it via bluetooth and it took me 10 minutes to find it. I would say that this is a decent first effort but that Nokia could learn a lot of lessons from Sony Ericsson.

    I’ve had mine two months now and it may well appear on ebay soon, will swap for a P900

  • hey can somebosy help me, i am not able to connect the phone to my comp. its asking or service pack 1. where can i download it? ;(

  • This phone is everything and more. A fantastic piece of equipment. If you don’t have one then get one.The only thing I have against it is that the large screen scratches very easily

  • i just purchased nokia 7610 and i’m not able to transfer data from my cell to my pc. the system requires a service pack 1. where should i get this service pack 1?

  • Twisted & Vika, both of you should read the instruction before install anything, it’s required WinXP SP 1 installed. I installed once and working fine. Be patience when you haven’t see your 7610 icon in the Windows Explorer yet, it takes couple minutes to show up. Good luck !

  • 7610 is great. Web access is speedy, i just need to figure out the mp3 playing ability can anyone help?

  • Hey Vika i also got that problem with .amr tones. it keeps on skipping every 10 or so seconds. I hope a fw upgrade helps. anybody here also having that kind of problem with their 7610?

  • Hi, I just purchased Nokia 7610 and ran into a problem transfering data from the phone to CPU via USD data cable that came with the phone. While I try to install drivers for the USB data cable it aborts instalation sending an error saying service pack 1 is required prior driver instalation. Can anyone help me solve this problem? or has anybody else ran into this? Thank you for your replies

  • Faced 2 probelms with Nokia 7610 already after 3 days of having the phone. 1. Can not get it connected with my Thinkpad with bluetooth. 2. the sound is skipping when I paly a recorded voice or song. Any idea?

  • i have a nokia 7610 do i need opera for web browsing or i can directly do it on my phone.

  • Kartik… get a memory card reader… create a backup of ur 6600 MMC in compu… then transfer it to 7610 using USB!

    Tina… nokia means… complete customer satisfaction, very cool user interface, features equally important as looks, More value 4 money,… innovation(SMS,MMS,Email,operating system in a mobile, camera phone, blogging- all are the gifts 4m nokia)… initiator, nokia keeps an raising the standards…!… just read about 6630
    Among other manufacturers… Sony Ericsson can only compete with nokia!

  • Can someone help me with a rather peculiar problem. How do I transfer data from my 6600 to the 7610 that I am going to purchase without using the 6600, since I am purchasing the 7610 in exchange for the 6600. Assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  • I’m actually working on a project in my school where I have to compare Nokia with other phones. I will be grateful if you can help me with more information per the kind of improvement the company is working towards.

    Thanks in advance.


  • sounds like the best fone 2 date but how much will it b about jst that i think i shud start savin now coz i propa want 1 of those babies

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