Cheaper broadband


Looks like broadband is getting cheaper. Two of the major broadband providers BT and Telewest have this week announced budget services. There is however a catch as both only allow users to download a certain amount of content/data.

BT’s £19.99 per month Broadband Basic service offers download speeds at the standard 512kbps rate. However, it limits users to up to one gigabyte of data (or 200 MP3 tracks) per month. If users exceed that limit, they are charged £4 extra for the next three gigabytes and another £4 if they go over four gigabytes.

Meanwhile cable company Telewest is also debuting an inexpensive broadband service. Its 256kbps offering, which costs £17.99 per month. Like BT’s new service, it has a cap, although Telewest’s ceiling of 750MB per day is significantly more generous.

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