Amstrad Sky+ box arrives

Satellite TV

It’s been talked about for a while. But now it looks like the Amstrad Sky+ box is finally here. The new Amstrad DRX-180 features a 40Gb hard drive (for 20 hours recording), optical audio output, twin tuners and a live pause facility – in other words exactly the same spec as the existing Pace box.

Says Amstrad’s Commercial Director Simon Sugar: “It is clear to us that the product is a compelling proposition to both new and existing BSkyB customers. In time we see the PVR as becoming the standard piece of equipment in homes in the same way as the VCR has.”

Official 120Gb hard drive recorders are expected later this year although Sky has yet to make an official announcement. At present viewers who want more than 20 hours of recording have to buy unofficial hard drives and invalidate their warranties.

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