Surf and Sniff


First there was Smell-O-Vision cinema, then scratch ‘n’ sniff TV. Now it’s the turn of the internet to tickle our nasal passages, claims The Mirror

US technology company Trisenx ( has developed a ‘scent dome’ which will enable companies to ‘pipe’ their own smells via the net. Initially, each scent dome will contain 20 aromas which can be mixed to produce up to 60 different smells.

Telewest Broadband is one the first companies to take up the technology in the UK, installing two of the domes at a new ‘Aroma-net’ facility at its Woking headquarters.

“This could bring an extra whiff of realism to the internet. We are always looking at ways to enhance our customers’ online experience,” says Chad Raube, director of Telewest Broadband’s internet service. Who knows, it may soon be possible to smell the suntan lotion and the sea while booking your beach holiday on the internet or send your loved one the smell of roses in an e-mail!

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One thought on “Surf and Sniff

  • Well old wine in new bottle,few years back it was who claimed to have developed the same aroma device via email now it is telewest,Digiscents duped its investors millions of dollors on the same project,its the turn of telewest who are bad finance state to make some money and divert the shareholders attention.
    God save the investors as IBM also has similar patent(USA patent no 6024783) with a priority date.

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