Sharp GX30 is imminent

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Well you won’t have to wait much longer. The word is that the first GSM phone with a one mega pixel camera capable of taking half-decent images, will be in the stores within a month.

The Sharp GX30, the fourth in the company’s series of clamshell camera phones, is expected to be announced 3GSM in Cannes on Feb 21 with a Europe-wide launch following in March (probably the 12th).

We have no definite details on the phone. However our insiders have confirmed the following

One mega pixel integrated digital camera

2.4 inch screen with QVGA (240 x 320) resolution (this is the same as the GX20). However the screen has 260,000 colours screen – much more than the 65k offered by the GX20. Also the second front screen has been upgraded too in that it now boasts 65,536 colours and is 1.2-inches in size.

MPEG4 video capture with up to ten seconds of sound

Secure Digital (SD) card slot – for saving images and storing music

MP3 player/voice recorder – an obvious addtion once the SD card slot is in place

256KB Java application storage capacity – a real boon for gamers


Dimensions 50 x 98 x 24mm

Weight Approx. 115g

The one mega pixel camera will take images that are significantly better than those taken by phones with VGA cameras. It is unlikely, however, that users will be able to send images over Vodafone’s GPRS network, as they will simply be too large.

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