Broadband gets broader


If you think that a 512Kbps is fast, forget it. Bulldog, the UK’s high-speed broadband specialist, has just announced a new broadband service that’s up to eight times faster!

The 4Mbps service, called AllTime 4000, is now available as a result of customer demand although at a whopping cost of £72.99 per month its appeal is sure to be limited to serious tech-heads with seriously networked homes.

Alternatively, for those who don’t need a connection quite as fast, Bulldog has reduced the prices of its other services. It entry-level 512Kbps AllTime 500 is now £21.99 per month – a fiver cheaper than services from BT, AOL and Freeserve. Bulldog’s 1Mbps service, PrimeTime 1000, is now £24.99 while the 2Mbps connection, PrimeTime 2000 now costs £29.99 per month.

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