At last a proper 3G phone, we hope

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It appears at last that UK 3G network Three has a really great phone on its books. As from the middle of February buyers will able to take home the undeniably cool, though stupidly difficult to use, Nokia 7600.

The weird thing is that it isn’t really an official Three phone. It is only available through the Carphone Warehouse.

Even better, unlike standard Three phones CW claims users will be able to

· Send and receive pop3 e-mail through the phone’s built-in e-mail system
· Use the Bluetooth feature on the phone to connect it to a laptop and thereby surf the net on their PC at 3G’s awesome 380-ish kbps speed
· Look at websites and wap sites outside the ones that Three has partner deals with

We are still not convinced that this will happen, but we have had the above confirmed in good faith from the team at CW.

Users will also be able to see some Three video content including ITV’s news reports

They won’t be able to

Make video calls – the phone isn’t equipped to do this
Access Three’s premium content – namely Premiership footy goals, MTV music vids and Three’s innovative top shelf clips (work it out for yourself)

Buyers pay between £229.99 and nothing for the handset depending on which Three tariff they sign up to.

Anyway we are looking forward to slapping our money down in a CW store next week to check this out.

For more info on the phone see details here and The Guardian’s review.

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