Alphacell debuts M5

Mobile phones

More news from Cannes. Mobile phone maker Alphacell has unveiled a handset aimed at the youth market. The M5 is a mid-range camera phone with a 65K colour display, audio and video playback and Internet browsing. The device can be configured by networks in a number of ways including the handset’s interface, design and core software.

If UK networks like the phone it could be launched as soon as early summer.

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Multimedia messaging services

Innovative programmable software providing an optimised gaming environment

An integrated digital camera enabled for video and stills

Personal information management services including contacts and calendar

Internet browsing and information services

Media Player, media capture

Dual processor for voice and rich media processing – dedicated hardware
support for video applications

65K LCD colour display

Comprehensive messaging centre – including email, SMS and MMS

Two dedicated operator keys allow instant access to operator services (portal services, voice and more)

Ability to operate on GSM and GPRS networks worldwide.

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