3G phones imminent

Mobile phones

No official news yet, but 3G websites are predicting that the next couple of weeks will be busy for UK network Three.

Apparently the long-promised NEC e616 and Motorola A925 handsets are imminent and they may even be accompanied soon after by the Sony Ericsson Z1010.

The web is also thick with rumours that Three is set to launch a pay as you go service that will significantly undercut similar offerings from its non-3G rivals.

Depending on who you believe Three is also apparently on the verge of unveiling a business service with users able to connect their mobile phone to laptops to surf wirelessly at fast speeds on their PCs, is set to offer full web browsing on its handsets and will enable users to access pop3 e-mail without having to use a handset’s web server.

While the pay as you go service seems like a logical move we’ll wait and see on the other points. Launching a business service would mean announcing new tariffs for data transfer.

Three’s business service though surely can’t be too far especially as rival Vodafone has announced trials of its 3G business system via PC cards.

Watch this space.

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