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We have been writing about Bluetooth wireless systems for the iPod for several months now, but it seems a product that will cut the cable on the Apple player is finally heading for the stores.

At both MacExpo and CES Ten Technologies displayed the naviPlay – a Bluetooth wireless adaptor that allows third-generation iPod owners to ditch their earphone cords. Basically its transmitter plugs into the iPod while its adaptor can connect with any type of headphones or speakers. Its battery will run for about eight hours before it needs a recharge – spookily enough that’s the same as the iPod The naviPlay will debut in the US in the spring. There’s no price for the adaptor yet.

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  • The must-have bluetooth accessory is NOT bluetooth audio transmission, but rather a plug-in bluetooth adapter that works with Salling Clicker to give ipod remote control from a bluetooth enabled PDA or mobile phone.
    Now THAT I would pay money for.


  • As things are right now, I don’t see Apple adding too much stuff to the iPod, apart Bluetooth, obviously. The iPod is still perceived as expensive, my guess is Apple wants to drive the price down a notch before adding too many fancy built-in stuff…

    The iPod is driven by the iTMS is driven by the iPod is driven by the iTMS is…

    Apple drives the 3rd party market, because their products focus on what is really needed when you unpack the box (including FireWire, ethernet and wireless options), if you need more (more buttons on the mouse, media card readers, microphones, TV tuners et al.) you turn to the little guys…

    iPod has a great future with its existing hardware set, all the belkins in the world can supply each and every specialised needs.

    Aorta and Phony Ericphone lead the way in digital player expansion:


    Enjoy the Dreams!

  • I think the real next evolution of the iPod is not wireless headphones so much as making it into a radio station. Imagine if you could be sitting in a train on the way to work, and be able to access the playlists of any other iPod owner within 100 feet via Rendevous! It is an excellent chance for Apple to promote legal music sharing, and expand the iPod’s influence as a cultural icon as it would make every iPod owner (presumably with the exception of those who turn the feature off) into a mobile radio station, giving other owners a chance to listen to a song – and not download it since the iPod requires a Mac for that – and thus become a sales driver for the iTunes Music Store!

    “Dude, this guy on the train was listening to this awesome technopop thing called ‘Smackintosh’ by the group ‘Apple Obscurity!’ I so have to get that song for my collection!”

  • ugh … one more device to keep charged. just gimme the freakin wires and I’ll deal with it — and i’m sure bluetooth audio isn’t as good as the real thing.

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