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Toshiba was one of many companies showing off its digital media server products at CES in Las Vegas. Now available in the US, the SD-H400 features an 80Gb hard drive with progressive DVD player and TiVo-based PVR (Personal Video Recorder) – though it seems doubtful we’ll see it in the UK.

Tosh also announced the development of a new hybrid DVD player (pictured) that can play both high-definition DVD discs and current DVDs. The prototype player features a single-lens optical head mechanism that integrates both red and blue laser diodes and provides support for the latest HD DVD-ROM format.

Meanwhile Tosh’s Storage Device Division demonstrated 2GB and 4GB hard drives measuring less than 1inch across. These mini drives are expected to be used widely for everything from mobile phones to digital camcorders. For more information visit The Daily Mirror

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