Predictions for 2004


Happy New Year Tech Digest readers! First up for 2004 is a story lifted from The Guardian which makes various technology predictions for 2004 (yes that old chestnut). It covers several areas including the following.

Mobile phones: More models that can receive and transmit video clips and GPS-equipped phones that will know exactly where in the world you are to the nearest few metres.
ID chips: RFID (Radio Frequency Identity Chips) that store information and broadcast over the air when prompted. Usng supermarket readers could be used to check the history of a piece of beef from farm to freezer.
Disposable gadgets: US chains are already starting to sell digital cameras with printing and a CD Rom of the images for just $10. is also launching a disposable pre-paid mobile phone which offers 60minutes of talk time before you throw it away.
Wireless music: Though talked about for a while, it actually seems we’re gonna see Bluetooth-equipped personal audio this year. First Bluetooth player will probably be Apple iPod. And Philips has already promised that the next gen of its MP3 jukebox will feature Bluetooth.
Mobile games: New mobile phone games that will take advantage of bigger screens and smarter processors. Look out Lemonade Tycoon – a management sim where you guide a fizzy pop business to global operation. Also expected is multiplayer mobile gaming – both via Bluetooth and over GPRS

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