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Once again Philips is majoring its Connected Planet range of products. These are devices for the living room that enable the owner to access the cool content (in other words MP3 music, MPEG video and JPEG images) that they have stored on their PC. All the products work wirelessly using the 802.11g standard. Some are designed to be incorporated within existing wireless set ups, while others are for those starting from scratch.

For Philips top billing goes to the 23PF9976i is a 23inch LCD set with wireless facilities built in. As well as accessing content on a PC it can also connect to the web to deliver streamed video and Internet radio stations. It is due to reach the UK in the summer.

Other products include the SL300i and SL400i which are devices that connect to a TV to enable it to do pretty much the same as the 23PF9976i. These are due in the UK in April.

Philips also debuted the latest version of its range of camera keyrings. The Key019 is the first of the series that’s able to capture moving as well as still images. It can store up to 24 minutes of MPEG4 quality video, take two mega pixel images and play back MP3s. It is due in May for around 200 quid.

Philips also has a pair of DVD video recorders, one of which, the HDRW720, also features an 80Gigabyte hard disk. The recorder also boasts an onscreen programming system called TV Guide, yet we don’t know yet whether this will work in the UK. It is due in the summer and is expected to sell for around 500 pounds.

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