Nintendo fights back


Not surprisingly, given the competition it is likely to face in the handheld gaming market this year from Sony, Nokia, Gametrac and others, Nintendo has announced a new gaming gadget called the DS.

The device’s key innovation is that it sports a pair of three-inch TFT LCD screens that apparently give the gamer two separate views of the game. The screens are similar in size to that on the Gameboy Advance and they can be held separately. They are designed to allow players to focus on different characters or parts of the game.

The new device will have separate processors and up to 1Gb of memory.

It is not intended to replace the Gameboy Advance, but possibly act as a spoiler to fight off the challenge of the Sony PSP.

More details on the DS will be given at the E3 show in LA in March, with the device set to debut by the end of 2004.

The BBC has more details.

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