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Last week we highlighted the top 100 gadgets as voted for by readers of T3 magazine. This week it is the turn of rival gadgets mag Stuff, which has unveiled its top 100 gadgets in the January issue.

Unlike T3, which let its readers decide, Stuff’s list was compiled after a mega session in the company’s Teddington HQ by its team of staff and contributors.

Interestingly there are many gadgets that score highly on both lists.

Number one for Stuff is, you guessed it, the Apple iPod – the number two on the T3 list. In second is the latest Sony Ericsson smartphone the P900, which also scooped The Guardian’s best PDA style phone of the year. This handset wasn’t out in time to make the T3 list.

Interestingly third goes to a PC in the guise of the Sony Vaio TR1-MP. It’s a feature-packed laptop that sports a 10 inch screen (our favourite size display for a notebook), and crucially has excellent battery life. Not sure we’d have placed it so high on account of its rather inflated £1600 price tag.

We are much more keen on fourth place, Panasonic’s superb DVD/hard disk video recorder the DMR-E100H and fifth, the HP Ipaq 5550 Pocket PC PDA.

The latest version of the winner of the T3 poll, the Pentax Optio S4, makes number nine.

Incidentally we’ll be posting our list of gadgets of the year shortly and intend to offer the editors of both T3 and Stuff the opportunity to put the boot in.

Here’s the full Stuff top ten.

1 Apple iPod
2 Sony Ericsson P900
3 Sony Vaio TR1-MP
4 Panasonic DMR-E100H
5 HP iPaq 5550
6 Palm Tungsten T3
7 Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
8 Pioneer NS-DV990
9 Pentax Optio S4
10 SIM2 HT300 Plus projector

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