T3 names the top 100 gadgets


Here at Tech Digest we enjoy nothing more than a big barney about the merits of various gadgets and technologies. So naturally we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy of the booklet containing the Top 100 gadgets as voted for by readers of T3.

We certainly wouldn’t agree that the year’s top gizmo is the Pentax Optio S digital camera. Sure it might be the smallest three mega pixel digital camera for this week, but we much prefer the Casio Exilim, Digital Ixus II or Olympus’ chunkier, but much better performing, Mju 300.

In spite of incurring the wrath of the Mac community on at least two occasions recently by highlighting a couple of its weaknesses, we are glad to see the Apple iPod sneak in at number two. Love it or hate it there is no better MP3 jukebox on sale.

We do however take umbrage at the Sony Ericsson T610 taking third place eleven spots clear of the real top camera phone the Sharp GX20. Sure the T610 looks cute and yes it does have a few niceties like Bluetooth but you’d have to blind or stupid not to note that the GX20’s screen and the images it takes are miles clear of its rival budget snapper phones.

Interesting to see the Electrolux Trilobite vacuum cleaner in at number four – though we suspect that cos of its £1000 price tag few T3 readers have ever got to see it in action.

Finally the T3 readers’ choice of smartphone, which makes number five is, wait for it the Blackberry 7230. And while there are Tech Digest scribes who rate it very highly, generally we prefer our smartphones with decent quality screens, more advanced web browsers, MP3 players and cameras. Still the XDA II, Handspring Treo 600 and Orange SPV E-200 were gleams in their manufacturers’ eyes when the voting took place, so maybe it is not such an odd decision after all.

Anyhow the guide featuring the top 100 is really neatly put together and is an essential read for all gadget lovers

Here’s top ten plus the recipients of a few of the magazine’s special awards.

1 Pentax Optio S
2 Apple iPod
3 Sony Ericsson T610
4 Electrolux Trilobite
5 Blackberry 7230
6 Sharp Aquos LC-37HV4E (top notch 37inch LCD TV)
7 Pace Twin Digital TV decoder/recorder
8 Segway Human Transporter i167
9 Philips Streamium MC-i200 (internet-friendly hi-fi system)
10 Mirage Omnisat mîcro system (rather odd, but highly effective surround sound speaker system)

Most useful gadget – Blaupunkt DX-R52 (in-car sat nav system)
Most overrated gadget – NEC e606 (3G phone)
Most ugly gadget – Motorola A830 (3G phone)
Most pointless gadget – LG Internet washing machine

The guide is free with the latest issue of T3.

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