Orange SPV E-200 review

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The third incarnation of Orange’s SPV Windows-powered smartphone, the E-200, has just landed on the test bench at The Guardian. Apparently the inclusion of Bluetooth and an intergrated camera along with more memory has significantly improved both its performance and usability. Read the review here.

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  • i got this phone about a week ago apart from the short battery life this phone is great being able to use internet explorer while im out so i could check my bids on ebay .there r loads of other pros to ect windows media player being able to play music off my phone is good for wen im out.

  • Quite frankly it’s a damn ugly phone. But if it’s useful who cares (anyone under the age of 20). Goodbye people. May your loins be eternally blessed.

  • Bill likes it? I don’t think he’s used it otherwise he’d be very annoyed over call quality, poor bluetooth, short battery life and all the other problems I’ve documented.

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