NTL launches broadband channel

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A few years back, before the launch of broadband, BT and the big cable companies were hatching plans to deliver broadband web portals packed with exciting streams and downloads including music tracks, football highlights and interactive educational content.

Nice to see that cable company NTL has finally delivered on its promise with the launch this week of Broadband Plus. As it is for NTL customers only we can’t venture an opinion on the service. But if you are a subscriber click here you’ll get access to content from the BBC, MTV, Music Choice, music on demand service Download 365 and much more. Parents should note that there’s a pack of interactive learning facilities for school kids from Espresso Education.

According to company spokesman Malcolm Padley Broadband Plus is the first time a company has applied the digital TV model to content on the Internet. So there are no passwords, subscribers just visit the site and choose the content they want to download/stream.

Padley also claims that much of the content isn’t available elsewhere on the net and that if the stuff were paid for separately it would cost around £30 a month. We aren’t quite sure how NTL worked that figure out though.

Still, the first three months are free after which users pay £3.99 per month.

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