New Motorola smartphone

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There may be a good reason why Orange is offloading the Motorola MPx200 clamshell Windows powered smartphone for nothing. And that’s because its successor, the MPx220, is being groomed for a Spring launch.

Apparently the new handset keeps the form factor of the original but adds four key features. Firstly it offers the latest 2003 version of microsoft’s Smartphone operating system, which is a tad faster and more efficient than the current one. The phone will also feature an integrated VGA camera and come with Bluetooth for connecting it to a headset or a laptop PC. Also the phone has 10MB of internal storage – very generous for a mobile.

We are big fans of the MPx200, but think that its lack of camera/Bluetooth has worked against as it is up against so many excellent phones that already boast those features. Needless to say we’ll be first in the queue for the new model.

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