Sony to launch iPod killer

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For details on Sony’s NW-HD1 iPod killer click here

At its Transformation conference in New York earlier in the week Sony confirmed that, in spite of previous constant denials, it would take on Apple’s iPod in the hard disk music player market. The move has prompted speculation that the company might also be on the verge of launching its own music download service in Europe and the US – it unveiled a similar service for Japan in the summer.

There are very little details about the proposed player (The Register seems to have the most info) but it seems as if it will be the hero product in an all out attack on the digital audio market.

As we have written before Sony will also have a hard disk based personal video player for the UK early next year and it is set to ramp up its MiniDisc format by increasing the amount of music files that can be stored on one disc. At present it is a not very generous four hours.

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