Home phone/walkie talkie


Wireless home phones probably aren’t top of your Christmas list, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers hyping them up in a bid to make them a little more exciting.

The cunning ploy manufacturers have adopted is to borrow features from mobile phones, like SMS and downloadable screensavers and ringtones.

But best of all is Siemens new models which can moonlight as a baby monitor/walkie talkie.

Siemens Gigaset 4010/4015 mîcro are two of the smallest cordless models currently on sale. Their key USP is voice dialling. You simply bark out the name of the person you wnat to call and the phone does the rest. The phone can also announce who is calling you. Other features include text message send and recieve and the option of using the phones as baby monitors or walkie talkies.

The key difference is that the £120 4015 also features a built-in answer phone system. the 4010 sells for £100.


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