A monitor that's twice as good


This would be top of our Xmas shopping list were it on sale in the UK. It’s an innovative monitor from a start-up called Doublesight called the DS1500 that consists of a pair of 15inch LCD monitor stitched together. The plan being if your PC has two separate video outputs you can see a pair of applications simultaneously in the separate screens.

Almost unbelievably it is Mac compatible, and for people like us who work with both Macs and PCs you can have both the PC and the Mac connected simultaneously with the applications appearing in the separate screens.

It looks amazing too, has a resolution of 2048x 768, boasts 16million colours and has a response time of 25ms.

The company is apparently keen to bring it to the UK, where we expect it will retail for a great deal more than the $800 it charges for it stateside

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