Phones that come in pink

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Ok, so it might be a deadringer for a ladies compact, or nose powderer as we call them round here, but it is in fact one of four new fashion phones unveiled by Siemens.

The quartet, numbers five to eight, are all part of the company’s hard to pronounce Xelibri designer range. They’ll be on sale in suitably swanky outlets, like House of Fraser and Selfridges, next month.

Siemens has also ramped up the specifications too, so as well those designs to die for they all now sport colour screens. Number eight, our 2nd favourite after number six featured here, is voice controlled and also features an FM radio.

If past form is anything to go by expect to pay betwen £150-250 for each model.

For a look at the other models read on or check out Siemens’ Xelibri website

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