New PlayStation arrives

Wireless home

Six months after announcing it was to develop a souped-up version of the PlayStation Sony finally delievered the PSX to the world at the CEATEC exhibition in Chiba, Japan on Monday.

Aimed at consumer electronics buyers rather than hardcore gamers, the PSX combines the functionality of an existing PS2 with a TV tuner, DVD player/recorder (DVD-RW) and 120Gigabyte hard disk for video timeshifting and storing music and movies downloaded from the Internet. It also features an Etherent socket enabling the device to be integrated in to a wired/wireless home network to allow its owners to play games against others over the Internet.

One clear difference over existing PlayStations is that when playing games users will have to plug controllers into the rear of the PSX console. This is because the hard drive and Sony Memory Stick compatibility have rendered the standard PS2 memory cards obsolete.

It is expected that the PSX will go on sale in the UK and US in the second quarter of 2004.

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