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Nokia has launched three new handsets today. All are due in early 2004. More news and gossip from Nice later in the day.

Nokia 7200

Firstly the Vuitton style phone the Nokia 7200. It features an integrated camera, colour screen, presence-enhanced Chat function, MMS functionality and an FM radio. It also has a 65K colour display, video camera and xHTML browser. Shipments in Europe begin during the first half of 2004. Looks like a bit of a girl phone to us, but it is certainly the best-looking handset Nokia has produced in ages. Comes with a matching pouch and suits you sir!

Nokia 7700

It appears that one of the handsets, the 7700, will include a TV tuner of sorts. It will also support the Nokia Streamer SU-6 accessory, the first mobile IP Datacast receiver designed to demonstrate the mobile phone television experience using the DVB-H network. The Nokia Streamer can be attached to the Nokia 7700 like a battery pack, and will be used in pilot projects to showcase the future of digital broadcasting on mobile devices. So no EastEnders just yet. It’ll be interesting to see if TV companies are interestd in experiemting with it. It would certainly be good for major sporting events like the Euro 2004. Wonder how long the batery lasts though when streaming TV? That model also has video and camera options, full HTML Internet access, a wide touch screen and a built-in FM radio. It goes on sale in Europe in Q2 2004.

Nokia 6230

Kind of overshadowed by the other two this is a triple band camera phone with Bluetooth and a 65K colour screen. There’s a video camera on board, an XHTML browser and an MP3/AAC music player. It is first to the stores arriving in February 2004.

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