MP3 goggles – all washed up?

MP3 players

Let’s face it swimming up and down can be a little dull. Waterproof Walkmans are one solution to the problem, but it’s not easy to hold a CD player when you’re doing frontcrawl!

So we were very excited when British inventor Sam James came up with a pair of MP3 goggles that transmit music directly into swimmers ears. Developed in conjunction with Newlands Scientific, the Soundwaves MP3 player uses advanced bone conduction technology which, when placed on both temples, allows sound to be heard inside the users’ head, including when fully immersed. Vibrations from the MP3 device are passed safely through to the skull to the inner ear, completely bypassing the outer ear.

Sounds great in theory, but don’t pester your online gadget retailer for them just yet. It turns out there’s only one sample and that is apparently too bulky to go swimming with!

It is clear that Sam and Newlands have a long way to go before getting a product anywhere near the market. So maybe you should put them on your Xmas list for 2005, if at all. Shame as we love the idea.

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  • Hey, I had this idea about 2 years ago but instead of putting them into goggles put them into a swimcap! We all love wearing them because its easier to maintain our hair and I would pay 100.00$ to be able to listen to music and keep my hair dry! Great idea. I never was motivated enough to put in on paper. Good luck.
    Let me know when they come out I definetly want one, whether goggles or a swimcap!
    Amanda Curry
    Seattle, Washington

  • Will this pave the way for a the creation of a music band? One that could worn around the wrist, that a triathlete may use for both the water and non-water events without the use of earphones?

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