Motorola A835 and Sony Ericsson P900 reviews

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Over at The Guardian there’s a double hit on two of the most-talked about phones of recent weeks. First the Motorola A835, Three’s big 3G hope for the Christmas period, gets the thumbs up (with the usual reservations about Three’s lack of e-mail and HTML Internet services), while Sony Ericsson’s P900 smartphone is given a cautious welcome.

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  • Obviously there’s a lot of wankers out there who should stick to land-line phones and not be allowed out with technology.A835 is a great phone and an even better Mp3 player.try using the IR transfer for loading files.

  • The phone, in my opinion, is far too big! however, the phone its self makes up for it but having video recorder with noise and a camera. However, altough i have had she phone for several weeks now…and yes i regret purchasing it…..i found out it has an Mp3 player which i was overwelmed to find out as i listen to alot of music!! however…i do not know how to do it and angry there is no simple instruction as to how to do it! if anyone has instruction as how to do it i would appreciate it to be sent to my email adress ( [email protected] ) ….Thankyou lacey xx

  • i have owned by motorola A835 for a little longer than i month and it is appaling…worst phone i have ever owned. 3G is a JOKE and am annoyed i ever signed a contract with them. software and handset is uncompatible and hence has resulted in numerous problems. NEVER AGAIN.

  • i have now had an a835 for two weeks, my out of pocket expenses now stand at just over eighty pounds, repairing hardware (which the phone’s software managed to destroy), and travelling to and fro to PHONES4U , Kettering branch.I am now stuck with a phone that achieves about 25% of what it says it does. My advice is, wait til you stop seeing these posts, then think about getting a motorola,signing up with 3G and purchasing anything from PHONES4U

  • This is a pretty stable phone, if not a bit quirky in it’s nature. One would expect a mature retailer of handsets like Motorola to simplify the ergonomics over the evolution of time, but still they supply a dodgy contacts system which doesn’t allow simple linking of a contacts mobile, work or home nos. Nor, incredibly, has it even got a simple alarm clock, save for a needless beep that part of the calendar. That said I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun.

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