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Earlier this week we had a chat with several members of the Three team who are responsible for handsets. They put us straight on a couple of issues.

Although the company hasn’t made any official announcements they were able to confirm the forthcoming arrival of a few new handsets. They also told us what their technical team have been playing with in the labs.

Read on for an update

Definitely coming to Three

Motorola A835 – Should be in the stores by the time you read this. Look out for an upcoming review.

NEC 616 – This clamshell model is definitely coming in the next month or so.

Motorola A925 – The next step on from the A920 is slightly smaller than its predecessor and has a few extra features. There’s no confirmation from Three, but Motorola execs insist it will be in the stores by Xmas.

Might be coming to Three

LG U8100 – The Korean company insists a version of this phone will launch in the UK in the Spring. Three hasn’t confirmed this though.

Not coming to Three

Siemens U15 – This handset maker claims this slightly different take on the Motorola A835 is coming to the UK In November. Not so says Three.

Sony Ericsson Z1010 – It seems as if Three might pass on this phone and wait or the company’s next gen 3G handset.

Nokia 7660 – Cool-looking handset, but no video calling facilities means it is unlikely to wear a Three badge.

btw if you have a spare minute or two drop in here. It’s an online petition calling on Three to offer proper e-mail access and the Internet on the Motorola A920 and its other phones. Nice work whoever is behind it.

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