Bush DAB for the bedroom


With over 100 radio stations now broadcasting digitally and with 85 per cent of the population expected to be covered by early 2004, it looks like Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is finally set to enter the mainstream. At least Bush thinks so which is why it’s announced a digital alarm clock radio in time for the Christmas run-up.

Set to retail for just £80 – which must make it the cheapest DAB radio out there – the DABCR2003 has a large clock display and dimmer facility. And because this is digital you’ll also see scrolling text information showing the radio station, song playing and artist.

Unlike conventional FM/AM radios there’s also no need for fiddling around with the tuning dial. Each of the DAB stations in your area is automatically displayed – just select the one you want.

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One thought on “Bush DAB for the bedroom

  • This unit is a load of junk.

    Have been through all my local Argos stock ( 8 units in all), trying to find one without a noisy mains tranformer (I finally found one, on number 6). The noisy units were very loud, so much so, it’s all you can hear in the bedroom!! This is not just while the unit is on, it’s ALL THE TIME..

    After 6 months use, the unit thatwas quiet has now failed, so am hunting through Argos’s stock again to find another quiet one…

    I really wouldn’t buy one, the only reason I do, is’ it’s the only DAB Radio/Alarm… As soon as someone else makes one, this is going in the bin, and ill get one of those…

    Avoid, unless you really want it…

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