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logitech_denivo.jpg So far we haven’t taken too much notice of Bluetooth products. Apart from wireless links between PDAs and phones and cordless headsets, it seems a technology still waiting for a killer application.

Well, there are products lined up for release next year that really could take the format into new and exciting places. In the meantime though we rather like the look of the deNivo Media Desktop from Logitech, a raft of cordless Bluetooth devices for the PC.

It basically comprises four sections – a reduced-width wireless keyboard; an MX900 rechargeable, optical wireless mouse; and a recharging module that serves as a Bluetooth hub. The icing on the cake though is the MediaPad. For work-related tasks, the device functions as traditional number pad or as a smart calculator, which allows users to easily paste the results of calculations into applications on the desktop PC.

But more fun is that it works as a remote control enabling users to view video clips, listen to music etc. You can also wirelessly connect the device to a mobile and then read text messages, and reply to them on a PC screen.

It’s on sale now for around £300. More details here.

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