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It is a big week for Nokia with a huge bash in Nice, France to parade new handsets, and apparently a new operating system. Reuters managed to get the info on the handsets first, while you can read more about the operating system on The Register.

The phone that catches our eye though is Nokia’s first clamshell for the European market – the 7200. It is an amazing-looking handset finished in a kind of weird beige textile. Even though it hasn’t yet been formally announced it has already been given the moniker the Louis Vuitton of phones. Looks like a real winner though it doesn’t appear to have a an integrated camera. The picture was featured on a Swiss website.

Of the other phones, the 6230 is a camera phone, while the 6820 features a keyboard and is rumoured to be the successor to Nokia’s Communicator range of handsets.

All three won’t go on sale until early next year.

We’ll have full details of the handsets after they are formally announced on Tuesday morning.

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  • Errr, there is a error with the features of the NOkia 7200. The nokia 7200 does indeed have an integrated camera that can captures 67k colours, the X-press on covers comes in a range of colours from brown to blue and black. currently there will be limited edition 7200, all of its exteriors will be in virgin white.
    It is currently a big hit in singapore and the asian mobile phone market, it is especially popular with womens and the fashionably chic people.

  • Thanks alot for all, the Nokia 7200, is the best so far in all the Nokia’s, i was starting to think when you guys will make a phone like that,
    Thanks alot am pround of you guys,
    Keep it running

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