Tosh goes on LCD trip


Tosh’s autumn product line-up includes a sub-£1000 LCD projector and a range of unfortunately-named Stasia LCD TVs. The company, whose objective is to be ‘the main player in flatscreen TV’, also announced that it would be marketing a wireless LCD TV model next year (like Sharp’s), though a sample wasn’t displayed at the launch.

Tosh claims the the TLP-ET1 (pictured) is the first sub-£1000 dedicated home cinema projector (though Hitachi recently introduced a home cinema model for around the same price). A nice rounded design, it features a single Scart (only the Panasonic PT-AE300E has this) plus two speakers. It also includes a Faroudja chip for video processing.

While picture quality is generally OK for the price, the chicken-wire effect – a common problem with cheaper LCD projectors – is particularly noticeable on this model. However the short throw is very useful for those with smaller living rooms.

Other products announced at the autumn launch include:

  • Stasia Flat Panel TV range:
    Three new additions to the Stasia range – a 42inch plasma and two 16:9 LCDs (£2500 for the 26inch and £3000 for the 32inch). Design wise the LCDs are very nice, but picture quality isn’t the best. Like most LCDs, they’re not great at reproducing blacks and colours seem a little oversaturated.

  • All in home cinema kit (SD-63HK):
    Tosh has worked with US audio company Koi to develop a sub £500 home cinema kit (DVD player, 5.1 channel amp, speakers). Results were OK, though bass from the sub-woofer didn’t gel particularly with the rest of the system.

  • Entry level DVD recorder:
    New DVD-RAM based DVD Recorder, the DR-1. Includes DV input for editing digital camcorder footage.

And the rest…
New high-end £2500 DLP projector (MT500) – featuring six segment colour wheel for reduced rainbow effect. New step-up PAL progressive DVD player (SD530).

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