The UK iTrip?

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As any American iPod owner can tell you by far the coolest accessory for the Apple player is the Griffin iTrip. This cute little device fits seamlessly into the top of an iPod and, as it features an integrated FM radio transmitter, broadcasts your favourite tunes across a short distance such as over a few rooms or within a car. You then tune in your radio, or car radio and voila – the music from your iPod.

As any UK iPod obsessive will tell you Griffin, along with Belkin which markets a similar product, has chickened out from launching the iTrip in the UK as it was deemed to be outside of the law – you are in essence creating your own pirate radio station

We have however managed to track down a similar product that is legally, as far as we know, on sale in the UK and does pretty much the same thing as the iTrip. CMCTech is selling the SF100, a £40 device that works in the same way as the iTrip, though obviously isn’t anywhere near as sexy to look at and it is only for car use. It also comes with a plug in DC adapter that will power your personal audio player from your car battery too.

Btw Apple diehards we noticed at least a couple of iTrips for sale in the UK on Ebay.

You could also try here – but you might have a long wait

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