Say hello to QRIO


Aaah, he’s a cute little fella isn’t he! His name is QRIO, he’s a robot toy and he was unveiled last week at Sony’s Dreamworld event.

QRIO wowed both journos and punters with his ability to walk on two legs, his advanced communication capabilities (he can recognise individuals and respond appropriately to them) and of course, his footballing skills.

Needless to say it will be ages before we get QRIOs here in Europe. In fact Sony didn’t seem too confident that anyone would want to buy one, which is odd as its the first set of AIBOs for Europe sold out in minutes.

The last AIBO we played with terrified our dog and one year old. Can’t imagine what they’ll make of QRIO.

Anyhow, if you’d like to find out more check out Sony’s website

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  • is there any way to get qrio at all??? I wouldent care if its new or not. if you find a way email me at [email protected] (if you could find the price i’ll be really happy!)

  • please someone e-mail me tellling me when QRIO is comming to the U.S and how much he’ll be. thanx

  • Yeah i would do anything as well to have the Qrio but somewhere i heard that if u were to order one right now it would be around 65,000 dollars but that couldnt bet the real price for when it comes out cuz Sony wants this to be a family thing.

  • I’ve been in the market for a Sony Dog(Aibo), waiting here in Canada, and well Sony seems to ignore the Canadian market for some reason I’m unsure of. I mean I can’t even buy one new on the Internet. I’d love to get this new android when it comes out. But as a Canadian, even trying to order one through the internet is impossible, Sony has gone as far as to force ANY retailer of ANY Aibo product,not to ship to Canada. Check the Sony Canada Wevsite, all they offer us is old, discontinued product, in compairason to the US offerings. I look forward to the release of QRIO, although they’ll likly not ship any to Canada.
    It’s like Sony’s got sanctions on Canada or somthing, I’m not at all pleased.

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