Now Tosh has an iPod killer

MP3 players

Looks like the iPod has got some very serious competition – but only in Japan. For in October Toshiba is debuting the Gigabeat 20, a 20Gig hard disk MP3 player it is billing as the world’s lightest, most compact player.

Well it certainly seems slim enough from the image. And its weight of just 138g is around 20g less than its Apple rival.

Features include

MP3, WMA and WAV playback
USB 2.0 connector
11 hours battery life – better than the iPods eight hours

There’s no line input for recording from CD players/hi-fi systems and the player doesn’t appear to be Mac compatible.

Of course it will be ages before we see it here, but along with the Philips HDD100 it has certainly given Mr Jobs something to think about

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