Nokia's 3G bombshell

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And here it is, and yes it is weird, very weird. It is Nokia’s latest 3G phone the 7660 which apparently goes on sale in Europe in Q4 this year.

Of course whether that means the UK is a moot point as we can’t see Three grabbing this handset as it doesn’t have a videophone facility. So maybe we’ll have to wait until Orange or Vodafone unveil their 3G services next year to get our hands on one.

The basic details are it is tiny (compared with most 3G phones), very light at 123g, has a 65k colour screen, MP3/AAC player, video camera (capable of capturing and sending clips of up to 2.5 minutes), video download, XHTML web browser, Bluetooth, and Java.

The killer could be battery life, which is superior to rival 3G handsets.

Nokia also debuted several products it has called Imagewear – lockets, necklaces and desktop picture frame-looking devices to which images taken with a compatible mobile phone can be sent and displayed. To be honest they look great, but who is going to wear them?

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