High-end AV comeback?

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So you thought innovative high-end home cinema was dead? Apparently not. In fact some reckon it has never been in ruder health.

There has been a rush of new product in the past few weeks including:
* Sony’s £5000 Qualia 007 SACD player (read about it here next week)
* Tag McLaren back on the case with a new video processor the VSM2048. Details here
*Meridian launching new product – click here

Now comes Denon with a totally digital high-end home cinema system with a price tag of around £25 grand.
Premiered at IFA last week the company says the system is the result of three years R&D. It includes Universal DVD, DVD-A, SACD and HDMI, HDCP, DVI, Firewire, Denon Link and more. Prog scan, line quadrupling, video-scaling etc etc.

DVD-1 Universal Disc Transport
AVP-1 Digital Audio Processor & Control Unit
AVP-1 Digital Video Processor
POA-1 7 channel Pure Digital amplifier

Due in the UK in March 2004.

Maybe that economic recovery they keep talking about is on its way…

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