Creative parades 1.5Gig MP3 player

MP3 players

After Rio and Philips, Creative Labs has become the latest manufacturer to unveil an MP3 player with a 1.5Gigabyte hard disk. The new MuVo 2, which goes on sale in October, is tiny at 66x66mm, can store around 450 MP3 tracks (twice that amount if you use WMAs) comes with a fast USB2.0 connector and sports a mini LCD display. Battery life is rated at around ten hours.

So why the rush of players of this size? Hazarding a guess we reckon it might be because the new IBM mîcrodrive with a storage capacity of you guessed it, 1.5Gigabytes, has just become available.

But will the 1.5Gig products sell?

They are certainly a good size – nicely pocketable. Also 1.5Gigabytes is probably enough storage for most users.

However the MuVo 2 comes in at £200. This is £50 cheaper than the Philips HDD60, but probably still too expensive. For only £50 more users can buy the 15Gigabyte Apple iPod and get plenty more storage and that to-die-for design.

When the price drops a further £50-100 or so a 1.5Gig player that still leaves its owner with pocket-space for keys and wallets etc really does become a no-brainer.

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