Archos goes back to MP3 roots

MP3 players

After spending last year pioneering the personal video player market Archos has gone back to its roots and unveiled a new hard disk MP3 player. According to the 20 Gigabyte Gmini 220 is slated to launch at the begining of November and may retail for as little as £250. The player sports an interesting rectangular design with a large blue LED. It is both larger and heavier than the iPod.

The interesting part of this player though is the way it can incorporate new software/features.

It offers a modular solution allowing users to upgrade its functionalities by downloading plug-ins directly from the Archos website. Another neat touch is that it sports Madwaves music creation software. This enables even the most musically ungifted to knock out a decent dance tune

Other features include

20 Gigabyte hard disk
MP3 and WMA playback
USB 2.0 connector
ArcLibrary music software
The ability to create music folders on the player as well as via a PC
PC and Mac compatibility
FM tuner
Data and image compatibility

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