Is Apple's iPod the new Furby?

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No, they aren’t sticking out a limited edition fluffy edition of Apple’s all-conquering iPod. Just like the Furby back in 1998 which was so popular the stores ran out of stock, you can’t buy a new iPod for love or money. Massive demand for the player has meant that both shops and online retailers are quoting three to four week waiting times before they can deliver one.

The Guardian (,12449,1027864,00.html) has a piece about the disappearing iPod along with reviews of its major rivals including the new Philips HDD100 and Ministry of Sound MOSMP028.

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  • Well – i totally agree with the last commment. Archos AV320 is the best gadget i have ever bought. Its technically far superior than the IPOD.

  • I have been looking for a Apple iPod for a week or so now, then a review in Stuff Magazine suggested a rival product the Archos AV320. I subsequently bought one and it has met all my requirments. Its brilliant! Not only does it do everything that the iPod does but you can also store and view photo’s, films and TV programmes-I’ve just traveled back from London on the train watching ‘Lord of The Rings’. What more could you want!!

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