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Forget the fluffy toilet seat and the rubber ducks. No bathroom is complete without the La Scala Jacuzzi. For not only does it boast ten adjustable jets, underwater lighting, and two ergonomic loungers, it also incorporates an entertainment system that includes a 42inch Plasma TV, DVD player and hi-fi. Yours for a very reasonable £19,000. Just don’t watch Jaws on it. Sadly it is onyl available in the USA at the moment, but the company is considering a UK launch of what it is billing as a ‘similiar product.’

It is yet more evidence of a growing market for bathroom-friendly entertainment products, and we don’t just mean the Alba waterproof CD player we mentioned earlier in the week. Waterproof LCD and plasma screens like the TileVision ( present some interesting opportunities for progressively-minded custom installers.

Let’s just say that if you are flush enough to kit out your bathroom with a Plasma screen you probably
won’t being paying too much attention to how much it costs.

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  • i am trying to locate a part i need for a vernon tutbury toilet i purchased in england. would you please give me an email and company name who might be able to help me. thank you

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